Sammy is a 7 year old female Beagle who was abandoned at North Valley Animal Hospital.

She had been taken to the vet for a biopsy on some rather large tumors hanging from her chest and SAINT had made arrangements to pay the vet bill, however the people who dropped her off never came back for her.

Thankfully, our community is full of amazing people and she was fostered pending her biopsy results by Dana Voelkel, owner of the 3 Stages Thrift Store in Bullhead City.

Her biopsy results came back negative for cancer, and her tumors simply fatty deposits which was the news we were hoping for.

SAINT scheduled her for her surgery on September 28 at Low Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic in Kingman. She had a tumor removed that hung to the ground, and had 10 of her top teeth removed because they were so bad. She’s currently being cared for in a loving foster home.

Our efforts would not be possible without financial support from the many wonderful people who care about the welfare of these animals and are committed to helping us save them.
If you would like to donate to SAINT and help us replenish the funds used for Sammy’s surgery, please see below:

Mail Your Check To:
P.O. Box 22411
Bullhead City, AZ 86439

You can also drop off donations at Donn Williams Jewelers in Bullhead City.

Sammy In Pictures!

Updates On Sammy!

Updates from her Foster: September 28, 2018

This is Sammy. We are fostering her through Saints. She had top teeth pulled, and a few tumors removed as well. One huge one that hung from her neck. She has a drainage tube that will be removed on Monday, and then her cone can come off! She is sure a sweetie pie!

She took three nice walks around the garage, and house today! I changed her dressing early this morning, and she was such a great little patient! I even spoon fed her the rest of her morning food, because she got frustrated dealing with the cone!

We changed her dressing tonight, and she is doing really well! This morning I couldn’t see much of the drainage tube, but tonight I could see a good half inch of them. So the swelling is going down a lot. She has two drainage tubes. Still no pictures of it for two reasons. One, I don’t think very many people want to see that sort of thing, and two, We really didn’t want to take anymore time than needed making her uncomfortable.