Hard times happen for everyone, and sometimes that means having to surrender your pet to a new loving home when you are unable to provide proper shelter or care.  Here are some tips to ensure your pet goes to a home where they will be loved and cherished as much as you loved and cherished them.

    I see people questioning this all the time. It doesn’t have to be a large fee. People do not value what they get for free. Having to pay a fee, any fee, will hopefully make them think twice about taking on the responsibility of your pet, making sure it’s not just a split decision because the animal was free. Plus, this will help prevent your pet falling prey to someone looking for free bait dogs to use for fighting or other nefarious purposes.
    Make sure the home and people you are trusting with your pet are providing the right environment for safety and security. Is the yard an adequate size for your pet? Is the fence tall enough? Will your pet and any existing pets get along? What condition are their current pets in?
    Who will they be using as a vet? Will the pet be kept indoors? Are they familiar with the breed or any special conditions your pet may have? Are they ready to provide medical care if needed? Do they travel? There are no stupid or pointless questions when it comes to making sure you feel comfortable about leaving your pet with a new family.

Rehoming a pet is never easy, and should be the last resort if at all possible. If you are  giving up your pet due to behavior issues, there are local trainers who can help. If it’s a matter of feeding your pet, there are resources available that will help provide food during hard times so you don’t have to give up your best friend.

SAINT is here to help. We’re happy to help you locate resources that will allow you to keep your pet with you, or, if you have to rehome your pet, we are happy to provide assistance with home checks and other information. Give us a call at 928-704-0800 or visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BHCSaint