S.A.I.N.T. (Saving Animals in Need Together) is a small foster based spay and neuter nonprofit in rural Arizona. This past Mother’s Day the mail person notified one of our board members of dog in serious need of help in her neighborhood.  The owners of the home sold it to the woman’s daughter and moved away leaving behind Ray. Ray had been in the back yard all his life. Ray was sometimes fed, sometimes not. Ray was never loved nor allowed in the house. Soon due to the extreme heat he dug a den for himself close to the house.

The new owner didn’t want Ray and told our board member to “get it out or rescued by October 1, 2017”. Sue, the board member, continued to feed and befriend Ray as the organization planned how to rescue this poor animal.

SAINT partnered with a rescue from Lake Havasu and set up a command station not far from the home on a Sunday morning in October.  We had a trap for Ray so we could easily rescue him and take him to the veterinary clinic. From 7am till 2pm they sat and waited while food was put in the trap. Ray finally moved in and they were ready to rescue Ray and take him for care.

Ray is now able to be moved to a foster home where he will learn to trust and grow into the great dog he was meant to be.

For more information on Ray’s story, or to foster or adopt him, please call S.A.I.N.T. at 928-704-0800.