“You educate a person; you educate a person. You educate a child; you educate a generation”- Brigham Young

Saint and Sunrise Elementary school joined in a partnership to teach children the responsibility and care of pets in 2018. We believe education is one key to lead successful lives in our society.  Being a responsible citizen reflects on how we care for those that have no voice but ours; our children, our elderly and our pets.

The Pet Education Project focuses on our pets.
If you have computer access please go to www.ilovepep.org to learn more about the founder Erica Callais Falbaum and her inspiration for founding this nationwide movement. The program is in several schools throughout the USA and Sunrise is the first school in Arizona to offer such a great program!

Why PEP (Pet Education Project)?
We believe if we can teach children the basics of pet care (food, water, shelter, care, love) this will translate into less healthy dogs and cats being turned into shelters’ and eventually euthanized.  If we can teach the importance of pet care we hope to see a reduction in dog bites, disease, feral cats, etc. thus translating into a healthier community for us all.

What is the program?
The program takes place on Flex Friday’s beginning each January. We average 15- 20 children per class and the children are in second and third grades.  The class consists of skills building; activities and homework.  We have had the local Bullhead City Animal Shelter come in for our third lesson on “Shelter” and it was a huge success.

What is the future for the program?
Future growth of the program will consist in recruiting volunteers as classroom aides and teachers to teach the program in other schools. The PEP program is also piloting an app for the children to help them care for animals and connect with other students in the USA and abroad! We are all one community!

If you want to learn more about this program or volunteer please contact me at kmoscato2016@gmail.com or Mrs. Lott, Principal.

Thank you and have a tail wagging day!

– Karen A. Moscato