By RODD CAYTON The Daily News |

FORT MOHAVE — Those in search of new meal ideas may find them in an unusual place — the offices of the TriState Pain Institute.

The practice will have a special cookbook for sale. And as a bonus, there are recipes for pets as well as people.

The practice helped Saving Animals In Need Together with putting the tome together, and staff contributed recipes.

Dr. Benjamin Venger, owner of the practice, said that SAINT is a worthy organization and that helping its efforts could bring benefits to his patients.

Venger said that the responsibility that comes with caring for a pet can help patients as they go through treatment. He said that in an area where a lot of people are living apart from family, a connection with a pet can be a lifeline.

“A dog (can be) a connection to feeling whole again,” he said.

Venger said studies have shown that people with pets do better in recovering from illness than those without animal companions.

“An animal provides comfort and emotional support and teaches responsibility,” he said. “Especially in situations where people haven’t been responsible. They foster I type of therapy that I can’t provide, nor can a pill.”

Donna Doyel, SAINT’s vice president/Saving Lives director, said one of the organization’s eventual goals is to offer services such as walking pets and transporting them to veterinarian appointments, which make it easier for seniors to keep their pets after their mobility is diminished.

Venger said that he thinks creating a more pet-friendly community will stimulate the local economy, as demand for those types of services rises.

SAINT programs include vouchers for low-cost spaying and neutering, a food pantry and a pet adoption program.

Doyel said that TriState Pain Institute’s assistance in getting the cookbook out is just the latest way the practice has helped.

“These people are awesome,” she said. “Every time we need anything, they magically come up with a solution.”

The cookbook is $15 and is available at TriState Pain Institute, 1510 E. Wagon Wheel Lane, Suite 110. More ordering information is available at 928-704-0800 or