The directors and volunteer’s at SAINT are very compassionate about animals, particularly the ones that have come into our lives and care needing love and hope. We received this letter from the family that adopted Sky from us 10 months ago. THIS is the reason we do what we do. We are so grateful that Sky found a new loving family, and that we were able to help her until we found them.

att00785“WOW!  It has been ten months since Sky left the safety net called SAINT,

Today, Sky, William and myself went hiking out side of Kingman.   Sky was great and even put up with her humans going the wrong direction, she would stand there until we followed her in the correct direction.  What a dog, she gets more enjoyable every single day.   The picture attached is when Sky climbed high enough that she touched the sky.

Thank You to SAINT, what a wonderful job you did for Sky, what a wonderful life we live as Sky is in our life.”