halloweensafetyHalloween is a wonderful time of the year for many people. It’s just starting to get cool outside, the days are getting just a little shorter, and the colors of the leaves are turning into the most beautiful vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow. It’s so much easier to enjoy the outdoors with your dog in the Fall!

  1. Create a “Safety Space”

At the start of October, the excitement of Halloween begins. Scary decorations, things jumping out to get you, and people in masks screaming “Trick or Treat” may be very alarming to your dog. In some cases it can cause just as much anxiety as Fireworks on the 4th of July. Make sure you secure your dog on a leash or in a harness to keep them from becoming aggressive with surprise frights they may encounter. Another solution would be to create a safe space in your home for your dog and make sure they are there instead of a place where they can easily become nervous, like near the front door.


  1. Be careful with Candy!

While we all know that chocolate is fatal for dogs, there are some sweeteners that can be just as fatal to your dog.  So can xylitol, a sweetener used to flavor any number of candies. Even raisins (from that one neighbor) can be poisonous. The best approach is to keep your dog from eating any human treats, and make sure the kids know the rule too.


  1. Costumes can be stressful

Be careful with the costumes. Costumes for dogs can be adorable and hilarious but your dog’s comfort is the utmost importance. Make sure your dog isn’t growling, running excessively or hiding when they have their costume on, as this may be a sign that they are uncomfortable with their costume. Visibility is also an issue as well. Make sure you use things like reflective strips, glow sticks or flashlights if your dog will be strutting its stuff outdoors. This will ensure the safety of your pet on those dark ghost hunts around the neighborhood!


  1. Pets and Candles don’t mix!

Candles are a staple in Spooky Halloween decor and we know you can’t do a Halloween tablescape without some! Just make sure that you watch your fur baby around lit candles. Not only are they a fire hazard to your dog’s hair but if your dog tips over a candle, the result could be devastating to your home and family.


  1. Halloween Pranks

Pranking is a longtime tradition at Halloween. The “Spider Dog” prank went viral and was a showing of the best case scenario of pranking your dog. But pranks can be dangerous and if the prank is successful, it could injure your dog. Consider the safety and sanity of your pet when considering a prank.


Article republished from: http://www.thearkspa.com/redbank/author/adam/