Girl Scouts ARE MORE than cookies!

Kylee, Alyssa and Kloie of Girl Scout Troop 316 are earning their silver award and wanted to do something to help animals. After researching and discovering that animals adopted from shelters often get returned for being hyperactive or destructive, they decided to create toys for them to get aggressive energy out of their system so they would not be returned. After looking into several non-profits, they decided to help SAINT.

In addition to making and donating over 20 baskets containing handmade dog beds, fleece pull rope toys and treats for new pet parents, the girls collected pet food and over $200 in cash donations for the organization.

They also volunteered 8 hours during September and October pet adoptions collecting donations and walking the dogs to get them noticed.

The girls will continue to make handmade fleece pull toys as well as continue to help SAINT at any functions where they are needed.