Courtesy Pets For Adoption

The animals listed here are currently adoptable but are not a part of or associated with the Saving Animals In Need Together (SAINT) organization, including SAINT’s adoption and/or fostering programs. These are courtesy postings on behalf of members of the community who are trying to re-home their pet(s) or stray animals that have been found but that have not been taken in by SAINT. The information listed for each animal was provided by individual caregivers and was not generated or verified by SAINT.

SAINT makes no representations related to these animals. As with all adoptions, SAINT encourages potential adopters to gain as much information as possible before adopting these animals, including but not limited to temperament testing, consultation with a trainer, and consultation with a veterinarian. As always, SAINT encourages you to spay and neuter your pets. If you are interested in adopting one of these animals, please contact the caregivers of the animal by clicking on the photo of the animal you are interested in and communicating with the original poster.

Need to rehome your pet? Visit our Courtesy Listing Guidelines.